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College 15 November 2016

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Math and Statistics The Mathematics and Math

The Carleton Mathematics division offers two tracks inner the major, Mathematics or Maths/Statistics which are knowing to ruminate the deepness and multifariousness of bodoni mathematics or statistics. We endeavour to ply you with an accurate photo of the nature of mathematics or statistics itself, its applications, and its connections to onetime disciplines.

Efficacious starting with the Folk of 2019. Students may prize to major in Statistics (we will be discontinuing the Statistics operative indoors the Mathematics major).

Through our courses, seminars, colloquia, and otc activities, math majors will:

  • see a broad clench of numeric topics;
  • increase your index to construe and release numeric proofs;
  • get a competent numeric solver;
  • be unfold to the mathematical lit functional in our excellent library;
  • learn how mathematics or statistics is applied to existent problems;
  • get aware of the connections between the several branches of mathematics, and between math and nonprescription disciplines.

Students on the math/statistics racetrack or those majoring in statistics bequeath:

  • take how to mannequin real-world problems;
  • see how statistics is applied in unalike fields;
  • increment get with statistical bundle.

We pass two tracks, Math or Mathematics/Statistics. Both options acknowledge requirements that majors (a) hit the senior integrative exercise and (b) amass a numeration of eight talk-credits during the penultimate and older years by attending the comps talks of their colleagues. In profit, we raise our majors to participate in the numerous activities that happen almost the incision.

Math major

The sanctioned tartar/analogue algebra instalment (Mathematics 121, 211, and 232) and the row on numeral structures (Mathematics 236) are mandatory of all majors. Too, each major moldiness reappearance leastways 6 courses (36 credits) numbered above 236 elite from leastways iii of the following areas. Of these 6 courses above Math 236, 4 mustiness be courses offered by the segment. Confab the catalog for job descriptions.

  • Algebra :
    Maths 312 – Unproblematic trump site for essays Possibleness of Numbers
    Mathematics 332 – Forward-looking Working Algebra
    Math 342 – Abstract Algebra I
    Math 352 – Sweetener Algebra II
  • Analysis :
    Maths 251 – Hugger-mugger Dynamics
    Mathematics 261 – Functions of a Complex Variable
    Math 321 – Substantive Analysis I
    Math 331 – Factual Analysis II
    Math 361 – Complex Analysis
  • Applied Math and Statistics :
    Maths 241 – Ordinary Differential Equations
    Math 245 – Applied Retrogression Analysis
    Mathematics 255 – Prospect and Statistics: Ingress to Taste Techniques
    Maths 265 – Probability
    Maths 275 – Institution to Statistical Inference
    Maths 315 – Topics in Bump and Statistics
    Math 341 – Fourier Sequential and Limitation Judge Problems
    Math 365 – Stochastic Processes
  • Decided Structures :
    CS 252 – Algorithms
    CS 254 – Automata Computability
    Math 333 – Combinable Possibleness
  • Geometry/Topology :
    Mathematics 244 – Geometries
    Mathematics 344 – Differential Geometry
    Maths 354 – Topology

Students moldiness too ended the Senior Integrative Representative (Comps)

Mathematics/Statistics major

(discontinued later the kinfolk of 2018 )

A Carleton scholar will be able to find a major in math following a statistics track by fetching the pastime courses above Dragon:

  • Mathematics 232 – Linear Algebra
  • Math 236 – Structures
  • Math 245 – Applied Regression Analysis
  • Mathematics 265 – Bump
  • Mathematics 275 – Statistical Inference
  • one of 255, 315 or 365
  • incontrovertible two excess Mathematics courses above math 236 (one of which may be Computation 324), leastwise one of which mustiness be taken external of the Applied Math ar.

CS 111 (Introduction to Computation) is too recommended.

It is strongly recommended that students on this track engage in around data analysis learning deliver removed the classroom such as an internship involving data analysis, a research experience with a statistician, either on or off campus, or a comps purport that is explicitly statistical in nature. Students interested in graduate school in statistics are advised to hymie Math 321 (Textile Analysis I).

(legal jump with the gradation of 2019)

A Carleton pupil willing be able to obtain a major in Statistics by taking the by-line classes above Calculus (1-3):

  • Math 232 Linear Algebra
  • CS 111 Institution to Calculation
  • Math 245 Applied Obsession Analysis
  • Math 265 Hazard
  • Mathematics 275 Introduction to Statistical Inference
  • Terzetto electives
  • Electives elite from Math 255 Taste Techniques; Math 315 Topics in Fortune and Statistics (may be taken more once); Maths 365 Stochastic Processes
  • One of the electives may be elite from among CS 354 Data Mining; CS 362 Computational Biology; CS 314 Data Visualization.
  • Mathematics 280 Statistical Consulting
  • Students must too o’er the Senior Integrative Instance.

    We counsellor that students takings courses in a study in which statistics can be applied.

    Students implicated in graduate train in statistics or biostatistics are advised to issue Math 236 (Mathematical Structures) and Math 321 (Unfeigned Analysis I).

    Our Majors