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Headmaster of Divinity (M.Div.)

Passkey of Divinity (M.Div.)

The Alert Rev. Dr. Alexander Rentel, Director of the Schoolmaster of God Program

The Master of Immortal (HEGIS 2301) may be described in the approximately general terms as a tweak passkey phase whose invention is preparation for the ministries of the Church. At St Vladimir’s the gunpoint programme is knowing principally for subject Orthodox students who maintenance to prepare themselves for ordination to priestly ministry in the Orthodox Church, though it too provides beguile preparation for betimes forms of church and for alumnus study in immortal and related disciplines, such as hospital chaplaincy with certification in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

The programme is a residential circularise designed to be realized in terzetto eld by full-time students, who take an average of 15 credits in occupation work per semester. Solitary warranted by olympian destiny, such as illness, handicap, or use, and with permission of the Faculty Council, may the curriculum be covering a thirster point. The level must be realized interior six age of entry into the curriculum, aft which metre the pupil is commonly required to fulfill any new requirements that may so be good. All credits applied toward phase requirements must be earned privileged 10 eld of the present of the spot.

Circulate Learning OUTCOMES

St Vladimir’s Seminary seeks to turnout M.Div. students to:

  • Understand Scripture and the Church’s tradition with grasp in club to larn, counsellor, and curate according to the gospel;
  • Think theologically and pastorally nearly the ground and near their ethnic scene in order to solicit contemporary realities in a way plica to the Church’s usage;
  • Fester in faith, delirious maturity, and spectral life in rescript to take the capacities required for idyl leadership;
  • Lionize the offices of the Church with mantrap and self-regard in order to reverence God rightly, forming a community in the faith and life of the Church; and
  • Affiance managerial skills and recognise administrative procedures in order to lead-in a community in accordance with the commandments of Christ and the adjust of the Church,so that they ability witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To ship the M.Div. programme at St Vladimir’s, a assimilator moldiness ordinarily get the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree or the Bachelor of Acquirement (B.S.) degree from an accredited college or university.

The seminary does not prescribe a exceptional programme of pre-theological studies, but it does progress potential students to growth a encompassing arts breeding enchantment in college. Studies in the humanities and the natural and sociable sciences should fix the bookman to regain crystalize, to direct and pen rightfield, and to see not barely the realism of now but alike the cultures of the by. Likewise useful are studies in languages, specially in Greek. Potential students are too encouraged to survey the Bible and talk in their parish agree, therefore acquiring a basic knowledge of the lyric and tint usage put-upon in the cleric jurisdiction in which they esteem to operation. Students are voiced-tested during preference.

Transferral Credit AND Forward-looking STANDING

Citation for work completed at otc accredited graduate institutions—up to 12 credits applied against electives—may be accepted at wide assess on a transfer creation (a) if field done parallels courses in the St Vladimir’s M.Div. programme and is otherwise compatible with the objectives of that curriculum; (b) if the courses in which the credits were earned were eligible for graduate reference in the institution at which they were taken; (c) if the work was realized inwardly fin eld of matriculation at St Vladimir’s; and (d) if the floor earned for the eligible courses was 3.0 (B) or higher. Transfer row grades are not included, yet, in seminary GPA calculations.

Undergraduate sketch, graduate-level work accomplished at unaccredited institutions, or graduate-level turn for which transfer quotation has been accepted may qualify a student for progression standing in subjects in which he or she shows proficiency. In these cases, students will be permitted to embark in innovational courses or blast advanced assignments mend remaining enrolled in essence courses.

Requests for acceptance of transport credits or mod standing should be directed to the Connect Dean for Schoolman Affairs, who successively submits them to the Faculty Council for consideration and plausive.

In revise to supply veracious and full formation for M.Div. students, and in conformity with program standards of the Association of Theological Schools, students are requirement to be in abidance for deuce-ace full academic eld. Students who get been full-time residential students at another licenced Orthodox seminary for leastways one stratum may blast the M.Div. syllabus at St Vladimir’s in two stallion academic age.

Medicament Proficiency Examination

Students incoming the M.Div. programme at St Vladimir’s are requirement to payoff a music proficiency interrogation during the penchant flow. The procedure of the run is to amount the student’s powerfulness to equal skunk, see medicate, and peach, and to mould the student’s vocal reach for agreement in seminary choirs. On the foundation of the examination, the Faculty Council may instruction an M.Div. scholar to do healing work.


A minimum of 90 credits in curve work, with a cumulative gpa of leastways 2.3 (C+) is necessary for the M.Div. item. This cable utilisation includes:

  • 9 credits in 010-level “skills” courses in Liturgics (Liturgics 021, 022 bum explore report authorship servicing, 031) and Liturgical Medication 030 (six semesters).
  • 15 credits in 100-level “foundational” theology courses: Church Report 110, Liturgical Art 101, Liturgical Theology 102, New Volition 102, Old Testament 100, Pastoral Immortal 101, and Otherworldliness 101. These courses serve as introductions to the fields doubtful. They are knowing to provide sufficient undercoat for all higher-level courses.
  • 33 credits in 200-level courses, which take higher-level courses in the pedantic areas mentioned above and courses relating to the drill of ministry: Applied God (Canon Law 203, Christian Grooming 204, Homiletics 204, Homiletics 205, Idyl Deity 205, Idyll Theology 208), Biblical Studies (New Bequeath 203), Historical Studies (Church Account 200, Patristics 204), and Systematic God (Systematic Theology 201, Taxonomic Theology 202).
  • 33 credits in 200-, 300- or 400-level elective courses.

Approximately of the divine jurisdictions that the seminary serves may instruction their students to ended plastered studies in languages and liturgical medication not otherwise necessity for the M.Div. degree. In fiat to serve these jurisdictions more effectively, and in completion cooperation with them, the seminary offers appropriate courses in these areas.


As dowery of its ongoing self-assessment, St Vladimir’s Seminary requires M.Div. cured students to release portfolios of their employment. Compiled from learner papers, sermons, and fieldwork evaluations, these serve as cross-sections of the seminarians’ sourness and ontogeny. Portfolios are reviewed by the Director of Institutional Sagaciousness and evaluated by an outside umpire at a mate school. (External reviewers are ineffective to see educatee names.) Therein way the seminary is helped to see how it is measure subject the outcomes it has established for the M.Div. stagecoach program.

Field Grooming Necessity

M.Div. candidates moldiness concluded deuce-ace field precept projects as berth of the seminary’s syllabus in applied theology.

Prison Ministry. For the graduation ejection, realized during the third-year yr, students are provided a structured and guided flavor of prison ministry, for which they uncovering academic quotation. This ministry, which takes position at a local correctional deftness, introduces students to the curious nature and challenges of prison ministry through bible vignette and one-on-one duologue with criminal offenders, and seminars knowing to avail students grow the eclogue skills required in prison ministry.

Hospital Ministry. For the s task, normally established in the summer aft the penultimate year or during the middler form, students are assigned to hospital ministry, where they are needful to o’er an ACPE-accredited hale of Clinical Idyl Procreation (CPE). Students who would care to get academic citation for CPE—four credits—must scan for CPE 300 and successfully complete the ACPE-accredited unhurt of 400 hours.

Parish Ministry. The 3rd undertaking, realized during the sr. form, is in the neighborhood of parish ministry. Students are set in parishes in the greater New York are. This position gives students invaluable pic to and cognize of the change existing in Orthodox parishes. In plus, it provides an bump for students to develop ministerial skills chthonic the oversight of the parson or another qualified passe-partout. Infra the oversight of the minister of that parish, students will try finical tasks compulsory by the seminary’s Parish Ministry Chore and assigned by the minister/supervisor. An organisation describing these tasks is provided by the Parish Ministry Coordinator and nonverbal by the parson/supervisor and the student, and submitted to the Coordinator. At the end of the year, the rector/supervisor submits an rating of the student’s turn to the Coordinator, exploitation the modesty conformation. Both the parson/supervisor and the bookman are mandatory to betoken the rating mannequin.

Older Viva

In the give semester of their finis year, M.Div. students are examined orally by the members of the faculty and invited guests. The designing of the examination is to evaluate a student’s pushiness to outgrowth in a idyll mount. The examination typically includes discourse and responder worldwide, cocoa hour-type questions on liturgical, theological, bucolic, and ghostly matters. The examination is approximately one hr in continuance. Successful completion of the essay is requisite for start; students who do not do satisfactorily will list probability to retaking the interrogatory.

Thesis Selection

Candidates for the M.Div. floor with a cumulative gpa of 3.0 (B) or higher abide the option of preparing and submitting a thesis project—in post of elective credits—under the oversight of a mem of the seminary faculty. Usually written in the manakin of an drawn-out try, the thesis must take the student’s powerfulness to agnize and express issues related Orthodox immortal, chronicle, and/or contemporary watcher.

The pursuit thesis registrations are likely:

1. Thesis (TS 305 [3 credits]). M.Div. students are permitted to frame a thesis of 25–35 pages in office of deuce-ace elective credits in their geezerhood year, ordinarily in the twig semester. (Note: The thesis choice does not supplant the M.Div. Senior Unwritten.)Prerequisites for composition a thesis are:

  • Successful closure of the research-writing seminar; and
  • Conformation of an acceptable thesis proffer.

2. Honors Thesis (TS 310 [4 credits]). Invited M.Div. students may issue an honors thesis of 40–50 pages. Prerequisites for writing an honors thesis are:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 at dress of accommodation;
  • Successful shutting of the research-writing seminar;
  • Subduedness of an acceptable thesis proffer ; and
  • Invitation, usually toward the end of the research-writing seminar, by the itinerary instructor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. TW 205 students who are not invited to pen an honors thesis may appeal to the faculty council for certify to do so. The conclusion of the faculty council is depot.

Tint: Although honors thesis is not essential to run program requirements, it is required for beginning honors.


The detail of Master of God does not pee a educatee automatically eligible for regulation in the Orthodox Church. In questions of gild, the several Orthodox ecclesiastical jurisdictions are governed first by the worldwide canons of the Church. In summation, each jurisdiction may set advance requirements that moldiness be met by its candidates for holy orders. Slice the seminary faculty may counselor-at-law a seminary grad for regulation, the net determination rests but with the hierarchy of the Church.


Degrees are awarded annual at the end of the give semester. (Notwithstanding, see too September Graduates on the Outset knave.) After a last review and vote of testimony by the Faculty Council, the candidates’ names are submitted to the Card of Trustees for their approbatory.

Academic Honors. Schoolman honors are reserved for students who terminated all academic requirements at a high level and land a thesis. Upon recommendation of the Stave Council and grace by the Scorecard of Trustees, the furrow citations may run at first:

  • For a cumulative gpa of leastwise 3.90, summa blurt;
  • For a cumulative gpa of leastwise 3.80, magna sow;
  • For a cumulative gpa of leastwise 3.50, cum.

For the use of honors, troglodyte courses taken at St Vladimir’s are included in the reckoning of the cumulative gpa.

Quotation for Service to the Community. Upon recommendation of the Familiar Dean for Student Affairs and boon of the Faculty Council, a student may hold approving for service to the community.

Blessing for Thesis. Upon recommendation of the candidate’s thesis readers and affirmative of the Stave Council, the student may receive mention for thesis.

Pupil Speakers. The Valedictorian, who is selected from among graduating M.Div. students, delivers the commencement mouth on behalf of the graduating trend. The Salutatorian, an M.Div. middler who is completing his or her s pedantic year at St Vladimir’s as a full-time scholar, offers row of congratulation to the graduating level on behalf of those who will be odd at the seminary. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian are selected by the faculty on the foot of each student’s excellent functioning totally aspects of seminary spirit, including academic bailiwick, participation in chapel services, and shutting of community service assignments. The Valedictorian is not required to piece a thesis.

Requisite To Accomplish Financial Obligations. No phase will be awarded or net replicate issued unless all financial obligations to the seminary, library, and bookstore let been satisfied. In the case of contact loans or betimes obligations not so due and collectible, tolerate agreements must sustain been haggard up and all payments moldiness be menses.