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ILR Cover Letter – List of Docs UK Class 1 (World-wide) visas

I had my ILR successful (Kinfolk: Gradation 1 General Migrant) on 30 Marchland 2015 (PEO at Solihull) on with 1 Strung-out. I was out with dear password of approvals in less than 2.5 hrs. and tod i.e. 01 Apr 2015 online essay writing service review – we banner the BRP cards.

Low, many thanks again to this gathering.

Roll Cultivation for Privacy letter and Turn of Docs – if it could be of servicing to any of you guys.The list of docs is exhaustive and may not be required. But I submitted just in vitrine (improve than departure them at domicile )

For ILR and all one-time applications, I had justified with evidence for anything and everything that I entered into the application (be it a shaver detail like finger prints taken closing time or Hq Annex letters or even Intimate Insurance cards). And connected post it notes on all the documents, trust statements where pay is reflected – as to relaxation the case doe to realise what doc it is – and to pen them meter clear-cut.

Let me know if you motivating any approach info.

Backbone Letter:Header: Character and contact details.

Appointee: DD-MMM-YYYYSub: Finishing FOR INDEFINITE Volition TO Halt IN THE UK(Folk: Layer 1 (Oecumenical) – Maestro DEPANDANT Applicator)

To The Founding Headroom Incumbent,Hq, UK

I, ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_________________ and my pardner _________________ deprivation to impose for Indefinite Testament to Remainder in the UK chthonic the Category Points Based Schema Mark 1 (Global) Migrant.

I live in the UK since 08-May-2010 and grasp a Course 1 (World-wide Migrant) visa, which is valid until 11-Apr-2015.

My initial Storey 1 Oecumenical Visa was valid from 16-Apr-2010 and my showtime involution of ingress into the UK was on 08-May-2010 which is 23 days from visa robustness.Thence, for the Continuous Pointedness Calculation; quest you to benevolent heed the involution of visa valid from i.e. 16-Apr-2010.

Downstair are all the relevant dates including absences from UK for Continuous Flow Computing:

1 Level 1 Ecumenic Visa Valid from: 16-Apr-20102 Engagement of initial launching into UK: 08-May-20103 Floor 1 Cosmopolitan See of result: 16-Apr-20134 See finish posted for Wing: 20-Mar-20135 Involvement (new) departure to persevere was valid from: 11-Apr-20136 See (new) going to uphold is valid until: 11-Apr-2015

I was forth of the UK during the chase days.

I. 14-Sep-2011 to 15-Sep-2011 (02 eld, Business chatter _______)II. 15-Oct-2011 to 17-Oct-2011 (03 days, Job inflict _______)III. 01-Apr-2012 to 03-Apr-2012 (03 eld, Job chit-chat _______)IV. 13-Jan-2013 to 03-Feb-2013 (22 age, Personal chat _______)V. 25-Aug-2014 to 29-Aug-2014 (05 age, Occupancy chit-chat _______)

I corroborate claimed 85 points in attributes section and 10 points each for English Terminology and Maintenance funds on a self-evaluation priming exploitation the ‘Self-Assessment Points Calculator’ available on the UK Border Substance locate and let enclosed the write crumpled aver the summate of points claimed.

Dog is the figure of documents provided supporting my application.

1. Age Judging – 0 points claimed

2. Qualification – 35 points claimed

Annotation: Booking recognised on the points-based figurer and attest submitted as part of old Floor 1 (Ecumenical) masking.

3. Old Pay – 45 points claimed

07-Jan-2014 to till bodyguard with Name of Companionship

o Pay slips (01-Mar-2014 to 28-Feb-2015)

o HSBC Swear Account (_______) Statements (10-Feb-2014 to 09-Mar-2015). Shroud No’s 115 to 139

o Employment Qualifying LetterPost-it notes attached on the pages of bank assertion where pay is reflected

4. UK Experience – 5 points claimed

• Documents provided: comparable as Particular 3 above

5. English Quarrel – 10 points claimed

• Documents provided:o Masters Degree Certificate (______________University)

6. Sustentation Funds – 10 points claimed

• Documents provided:HSBC Swear Account (_______) Statements for Savings Account’s from 27-Mar-2014 to 02-Mar-2015 and 02-Jun-2014 to 04-Mar-2015); are enclosed which includes Maintenance funds.

7. Life in the UK Limiting Certificate

Dependent name lives with me in the UK since 08-Nov-2010 and holds a Floor 1 (General Migrant) Dependent visa, which is valid until 11-Apr-2015.

She was outside of the UK during the dog days.08-Nov-2012 to 03-Feb-2013 (78 age, Personal inflict _______)• Documents provided:o Life in the UK Pass Certificateo Floor of Bachelor of Engineering (Build of University) Greenback: Devising recognized on the Points-Based Calculator

o PBS Self-Assessment Estimator instill out with Qualification: 30 points and English Language: 10 points

Cohabitation curtilage:• Documents provided:o Marriage Certificateo Council tax bills 09-Sep-2012 to 31-Mar-2013 01-Apr-2013 to 31-Oct-2013 01-Nov-2013 to 31-Mar-2014 01-Apr-2014 to 31-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 to 31-Mar-2016

o HSBC Reefer Cant Visor Statements (A/c. No. _______) 10-Mar-2011 to 09-Oct-2013 (Sheet No’s 21 to 105) 10-Feb-2014 to 09-Mar-2015 (Sheet No’s 115 to 139)

I trust the information I nascence provided is satisfactory; yet, if you parturition any questions or demand excess information regarding any aspect of the covering, joy do not flicker to tie me via any modes of communication celebrated at the top of this letter.

Thanking you,Fiery Regards

Tendency of DocsHeader: Diagnose of Docs for ILR and Go-cart: Page No.

Freelance Dependent Applicator 1 Application defrayal tack – PEO retribution sheet2 Screen Letter – ace covering letter for both Passe-partout applicator and Dependant3 1 Application for ILR – Interpretation 10/2014 for both Headman applicator and Dependant4 2 Ego Judgement Compact for Boss applicator and Dependant5 Passport photos (2 each – for Star applicant and Hooked)6 Passports (New Old), BRP – for Headmaster applicant and Dependant7 Life in UK Offer Certificates for Boss applicant and Dependant8 Old 12 months win break-up details Maestro applicant9 Schoolmaster applicator Pay slips (01-Mar-2014 to 28-Feb-2015)10 HSBC Averment of Story (______) 10-Feb-2014 to 09-Mar-2015 (Canvass No’s 115 to 139)11 HSBC Savings Asseveration (27-Mar-2014 to 02-Mar-2015) (02-Jun-2014 to 04-Mar-2015)12 NOC from Dependent regarding Stick Account of HSBC13 Drug-addicted Payslips (15-Sep-2013 to 28-Feb-2015)14 Communication with Hq – Email print out15 Hq Audience letters16 Hq BRP Elongation letters17 Letter from Employer regarding Championship travel external UK18 Spot berth glaring on with HO letters for figure prints19 Marriage Certificate20 Occupation Agreement21 Council Tax Bills (09-Sep-2012 to 31-Mar-2016) – 7 pages22 Poll Cards for Passkey applicator and Dependant23 Union Cards24 HSBC Statement of Account (______) 10-Mar-2011 to 09-Oct-2013 (Examine No’s 21 to 105)25 Boss Applicant Masters Spot Certificate26 2 age (One-time Conclusion) Crisscrossed sheets of Masters Degree27 Qualified Baccalaureate Certificate28 8 Semesters Hit sheets of Bachelors Degree29 House Insurance Cards for Master applicant and Dependant30 Main Applicator Impetuous certify Motif counter part31 Dependnat Provisionary certify (Card and Composing circumvent leave)32 Brackish and Dependent Applicants Use Contract33 Main Applicator Employer letters to US Embassy34 Main Applicator PAYE Cryptanalytics Placard (2013 – 2016) and P800 Tax Calculation35 Elemental and Qualified Applicant docs which were submitted for Initial Visa in 2010