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Ignou MS-08 Single-minded appointment Jan 2015

Ignou MS-08 Solved assignment Jan 2015

1. Build mean, medium and mode from the pursuit data relating to issue of a steelworks on 60 eld. Output (in Oodles per day) 21-22 23-24 25-26 27-28 29-30Number of Eld 7 13 22 10 8

2. In an motorcar, the shaft (it converts translatory gesture to radical gesticulate) can go either due to also-ran of bearing or failure of slipper crankshaft mechanism. The probabilities of failure of pram and crankshaft are 0.2 and 0.3, singly, and the probabilities of failure of turncock due to failure of bearing and due to failure of crankshaft are 0.5 and 0.6, respectively. If the fishgig has failed in an automobile, what are the probabilities that it failed due to either also-ran of aim or crankshaft?3. The marks obtained in Statistical Methods paper in MBA Beginning Semester interrogation of a Focussing Demonstrate, followed normal dispersal with mean 75 and standard deflexion 10. If 250 students appeared at the examination, mind the act of students, marking:(i) Less than 70 marks, (ii) More 90 marks.

4. A manufacturer of LCD TV claims that it is enough quite pop, and that around 5% homes are having LCD TV. Notwithstanding, a trader of ball TVs claims that the serving of homes with LCD TV is less than 5%. A gustation of 400 family is surveyed, and it is found that unequaled 18 family present LCD TV. Test at 1% storey of significance whether the take of the company is tenable.

5. Set correlation Regression? What is the going ‘between the two? Leaping examples of a smirch, where you leave use them.

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