Debeaking is the partial removal of a bird’s beak. This procedure is commonplace in factory farms to prevent cannibalism and feather picking. Debeaking is usually accomplished by slicing off part of the beak with a hot blade, shortly after the chicks have hatched. It is a painful and sometimes fatal procedure.

Debeaking procedure

The tip of a bird’s beak is packed with sensitive nerves, much like our own fingertips. When debeaked, the birds lose an important sensory organ, experience acute and chronic pain, including phantom limb pain. In addition, the fast-paced profit-motivated factory farms rush through this procedure and cut some beaks off up to the bird’s nostrils.

Debeaking is a completely unacceptable to “solve” a behavioral problem by cutting off part of an animal’s body. This is another way big agriculture finds to “blame the victim” by blaming the birds for pecking at each other. Is it any wonder that these social problems exist when the birds are packed by the thousands shoulder to shoulder?

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    1. Brendan says:

      No, Nick. I am arguing that you caonnt expect a family on the breadline to be overly concerned about where the meat on their table comes from. I suspect many, including myself would take the ‘animal friendly’ option were they able to afford it.I am saying that if you want to be concerned with the welfare of animals, which after all will be killed and eaten by us, you should start with the people eating them. When we have ensured an equitable distribution of the MASSIVE wealth of this country, so that 70% of the wealth is not in the hands of 1% of the population then tell me about the plight of the animals we eat. If I am given the choice between a humanely killed chicken for a35 and a chicken kicked to death for 50p, I’ll have the 50p chicken until I can afford the a35 one. This may sound shocking, but I do not mean it literally. I hope I never find myself in a position here I would have to make that choice. I merely try to highlight the plight of many families and single folk in this country. My argument is simple. If you want me to spend my money on free range produce, either tax the rich to subsidise that type of farming give me full employment with decent wages. I do not see the complexity there.